Love Affair Virus

Love Affair Virus (2022)

  • Genre: Drama, Comedy
  • Release Date: 2022-10-28
  • Runtime: 1h 21min
  • Language: 日本語
  • Production Country: Japan
  • Director: Tôru Hasegawa


Ren Koishi, a housewife, suspects her husband, Teruo Koishi, of having an affair. One day, Ren follows Teruo when he goes out for work on his day off, determined to get to the scene of the affair. However, Teruo's destination was neither a company nor a hotel, but a hospital. Ren, who is suspicious, receives an explanation from his doctor that Teruo is infected with the 'adultery virus'. In Japan, there is an ancient term 'cheating bug', but the latest research has revealed that adultery and cheating were symptoms of a disease caused by infection with the adultery virus. Ren is unconvinced that his infidelity is caused by the disease and is doubtful whether her husband really loves her. Meanwhile, Teruo, who is trying to prove his love for his wife left and right, infects others one after another with the adultery virus. ..

Love Affair Virus Trailer

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  • Yoda Takashi

    as Teruo Koishi
  • Kyoko Mabuchi

    as Ren Koishi
  • Atsushi Tsutsumishita

    as Kiichi Uwa
  • Nanami Kawakami

    as Sayaka Uwa
  • Harumi Shuhama

    as Yukie Uwa
  • Takahiro Nagase

    as Michisada Murakawa
  • Kōichirō Sakai

  • Aya Eto

  • Saito Shingo

    as Tadao Ooka
Directing Tôru Hasegawa Director
Writing Tôru Hasegawa Writer